Our Directors


Industry leaders Belinda Agostino and Priscilla Severino are the energetic and enthusiastic directors behind All Starz PA’s success. With 20 years of experience in training dancers and choreographing award-winning routines across Australia, Belinda and Priscilla, or as most of their students call them, Miss B and Miss Cil, have developed a unique formula for training dancers to reach their full potential physically and mentally. 

As a pair, Belinda and Priscilla have a diverse skill set that has helped them make All Starz a successful Performing Arts Studio. In addition to their extensive coaching and choreographing experience, Belinda has a degree in Business/Marketing and Priscilla a degree in Engineering from UTS.

With their well-rounded expertise, Belinda and Priscilla have both the capacity to develop and maintain a solid business model and the innovative creative direction to lead All Starz and its dancers to success year after year. Together, their leadership has made All Starz one of the leading dance studios in Sydney with over 800 students attending from the age of 2-18 years. They are also a trailblazer in their local community, having won the Local Best Dance Studio Award 4 consecutive years in a row!

Belinda and Priscilla are also 2 of the 5 directors and creators of the award-winning and popular Preschool Program and TV Show READY SET DANCE!


Belinda and Priscilla are an inspiration to everyone at All Starz and more broadly within their community and industry. They demonstrate the importance of teamwork, community, and grit on a daily basis. Their leadership, determination and commitment to excellence attracts talented dance teachers who have mastered their craft, resulting in award winning choreography every time.
Belinda B
Moving my daughter to All Starz Performing Arts Studio was the best decision and one both my daughter and I wish we had made sooner. All Starz is run by highly organised sisters who are creative, innovative and have a holistic approach to their students. The students are nurtured in their passion and the building of strong teamwork and unity is at the forefront. All Starz maintains a high standard of excellence which is an absolute credit to the amazing studio owners and the outstanding team they have working with them.
Rebekah E