What classes are available for 7 & 8 yrs (Year 2 and Year 3)?

In this level we introduce a stronger focus on technique and skill development, while ensuring classes are fun and enjoyable.

Students will increase their strength and flexibility and begin to understand some of the theory and terminology used in each genre.

They will also work towards learning various routines and choreographed dances.

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Pre-Junior Ballet

At All Starz, students are taught the Royal Academy of Dancing syllabus (RAD) in classical ballet. Ballet is a great challenge and requires discipline, strength, balance, grace and stage presence. The cleverly structured syllabus engages the children though creative exercises that are designed to build a beautiful, graceful, and healthy body with fine posture and poise.

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Pre-Junior Contemporary

Contemporary dance is one of our popular dance styles and is a particularly innovative way of moving the body. This form of dance has a very broad and creative vocabulary, and contains movements that are both static and dynamic, lyrical and athletic, that invert, twist expand, contract; the boundaries of contemporary dance are limitless!

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Pre-Junior Jazz

Flexibility, strength and coordination are all benefits you gain from Jazz, learning technique such as kicks, leaps and turns but most of all, Jazz is simply great fun, dancing to all your favourite songs you hear on the radio today!

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Pre-Junior Hip Hop

A stylised combination of street funk, hip hop and pop similar to styles seen in music video clips which In addition to being lots of fun, these classes are disciplined, progressive and well structured. A specialised Boys Hip Hop class is also offered suitable for all levels. It too focuses on lots of fun, confidence building and expression! It’s all about the groove and the moves!!!!

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Pre-Junior Tap

This is the most rhythmic of the dance forms, is an excellent way to increase coordination of the mind and body and to develop a sense of rhythm, timing and expression. At All Starz, students are taught Tapatak Oz Tap syllabus. This dynamic syllabus is structured, modern and a whole lot of fun to learn.

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acting-picPre-Junior Acting – Kids Act Up (1 hour classes)

At Kids Act Up we invest time and energy into developing acting workshops which empower our students with transferrable skills. This means that through the craft of acting each student gains invaluable skills which translate into every day life. We work from a place we like to call ‘The Line of Truth ®’. This is a fundamental tool which allows acting to flow from a pure place. This is where confidence meets humility. Its where we really get real in the art of storytelling. Our qualified industry professionals teach classes in television, radio, theatre, writing, reading, and acting in a fun safe and inclusive environment. We are delighted to teach the young actors of All Starz our unique Kids Act Up classes!

“Acting is a craft and to perfect any craft it takes motivation, bravery and the willingness to live on the line of truth. I love inspiring young actors to act wholeheartedly in class and in their lives. There’s no difference between living on stage and living in the world and when the actor understands this the magic is revealed and the work starts to flow.”
– David Cutherberson – Founder of Kids Act Up

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Pre-Junior Acrobatics

All Starz offers the discipline of acrobatics, with a professional acrobatics/gym teacher with a programme specifically designed and developed for dancers. From back bends, to hand stands, from aerials to flips, acrobatics will teach you all sorts of tricks. All in all a challenging experience that will be heaps of fun and give you a competitive edge.

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Pre-Junior Musical TheatreDTN_8136.jpgWEBSITE

This class focuses on expert tuition in training the ‘triple threat’ … voice, acting and dance. The musical theatre class will explore acting exercises, movement for musical theatre and singing. Students will learn songs and dances from popular Broadway shows of yesterday and today.

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Pre-Junior Glee Club (1 hour classes)

Glee Club is perfect for keeping your vocal skills in shape with a 15 minute warm-up every session singing some of the best pop music and loads of harmonies. It’s a time to be yourself, relax, sing, dance and laugh! Students leave with a smile on their face and a buzz that will stay with them until their next lesson. The Glee Club is perfect for all levels of singers from newbies to experts. You will learn microphone technique, repertoire, harmonies, movement while singing, vocal recording technique and lots more! There are performance opportunities and even the chance to be part of the All Starz video clip!

Pre-Junior Performance Troupes

Troupes encourage confidence, team spirit, commitment, leadership qualities and are a particularly inspirational component of a dance education. Troupe classes allow the more experienced dancer to put into practice the techniques learned in the pre-requisite dance classes and focus mainly on performance. Team members learn a selection of well-choreographed competitive dances, perform in different styles and are exposed to other performers at competitions on both regional and national levels. These students are also exposed to many different choreographers and industry specialists helping them prepare for auditions and the real world of dance. There are expectations and requirements that troupe students must meet in order to fulfil and maintain their position in the team.

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Pre-Junior Weekly Class Timetable

Download the Pre-Junior timetable here: Timetable – Term 1 2020 – PRE JUNIOR

Competition/Troupe Classes

The extremely popular troupe classes are available from the age of 5 years and ideal for kids who love performing and want to strive for excellence. Troupe encourages confidence, commitment and team work. Team members learn well-choreographed dances which perform in eisteddfods, festivals and shows throughout the year. Strong friendships are created as the students work closely together in a team. Troupe stream classes include jazz, hip hop, ballet, tap, lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre, stretch and strength and private lessons.  Students who are in the troupe stream also have the opportunity to do exams in the RAD Ballet and the Tapatak Oz syllabus.  Students are exposed to some of best choreographers in Australia and use their experience gained at All Starz as a stepping stone into the industry of the performing arts. For more information about requirements as well as schedule please contact the office on 95336589 or email us info@allstarz.com.au.

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