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Why All Starz?

Allow us to convince you that All Starz Performing Arts is the perfect fit for your child, whether they're just starting in preschool or pursuing a professional path. Let us create unforgettable memories for your young dancer to cherish forever.

We Pursue Excellence

All Starz is recognised as a leading dance school in Sydney. Through our knowledge of all forms of the performing arts and love of children, All Starz inspire commitment to excellence. Our set up is the perfect place for your child to learn, make friends and be creative.


We Nurture Talent in a Safe Environment

All Starz makes child safety a top priority. Our classes are held in fully equipped studios with sprung floors, barres, mirrors and air conditioning. Our classes are run by experienced and caring teachers who all have their working with children checks. Our classes are closely monitored by both viewing windows and CCTV systems.

We cater from Preschooler to Professional

There’s something for everyone at All Starz. Depending on what the individual wants to gain from their training, students can take lessons as a hobby for fun or for fitness and do one or two class per week, or challenge themselves to reach their full potential by learning many styles of dance and joining our troupe stream.

PRe School to pro.jpeg

We cater for boys

Our boys feel confident busting out moves and feel co-ordinated and strong in an activity that inspires their creativity and love of music. With approximately 80 boys enrolled at All Starz, our boys feel supported in a class with amazing teachers, an awesome boys program, as well as feeling part of a great dance community. We have classes for boys of all ages and stages from our cool preschooler program ‘Ready Set Dance’ to our specialised boys-only hip hop and our co-ed, all-inclusive classes.

We have diverse offerings and quality teachers

All Starz offers only the finest training in all areas of the performing arts. Students can take their passion to the next level by learning a variety of disciplines rarely seen at most dance schools. From Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre to Acrobatics, these disciplines are just a few we offer students from Preschooler to pre- professional.


We Inspire Creativity and Fun

There are spectacular end of year concerts that EVERY student can be a part of. We encourage participation in live performances, concerts and competitions and truly believes that success comes in the form of experience gained, friendships made and the fun we’ve had.

Discipline and Sense of Achievement

All Starz offer the opportunity to participate in Exams. We provide students with opportunities to do annual examinations, i.e. Glenn Wood Tap and RAD Ballet. Through examinations, students are able to gain discipline, improve their technical ability as well as a sense of achievement.


We have industry credibility

All Starz can train your child to prepare a career in the dance/entertainment industry. We are proud to have trained some of Sydney’s best dancers, singers and actors who are pursuing their dreams across the globe.

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