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All Starz Recreational Newsletter 
Term 1 2024

Welcome Back To All Starz!

We hope you had a restful and relaxing break over the School Holiday period. We are very excited to welcome all our returning dancers and families, as well as those who are joining us this year. We are thrilled to have each and every one of you as part of our dance family. We’re always looking for ways we can improve at All Starz, and 2024 will be no exception. In an effort to improve our communications with you, we will be putting out a newsletter at the beginning of each term with a snapshot of what you can expect throughout the term, any upcoming events, and exciting announcements. It will be live on our website at, and we hope this will become like a notice board for anything you may need throughout the year.


TERM 1 Snapshot


Term Dates

Friday 2nd of February - Saturday 13th of April

Public Holiday Closures:

Friday 29th of March – Monday 1st April

Fees Due:

Friday 16th February 2024

Term 1 at All Starz is an exciting time of the year. New friendships will form in every age group bursting with new inspiration. Term 1 is a chance for all of our All Starz teachers to see each students’ potential and unique strengths. During term 1, the students will be focusing on learning a routine for each class. At the end of the term, they will have the opportunity to experience filming a short dance clip. This will provide a fun way for both the students and parents to see their development and create some great memories. If any students wish not to be involved in the filming we completely understand and it is not compulsory, the students can still be involved in learning the routine and working on their dance skills.

‘Bring A Friend’ - Disco Dance Week!

Thursday, the 7th of March, to Saturday, the 9th of March.

‘Bring A Friend’ week is a time when we can share the All Starz fun with a special friend. The students can bring along someone they think would love to have a dance in class to celebrate a week of friendship. The extra flare to this special week is that it’s a DISCO theme! A dress - up day where we add a little colour and excitement to our term. Why? Why not! We want to see all your sequins, flairs, and groovy patterns and encourage our dancers to showcase their inner disco personalities. 

Staff Announcements

2024 is the year that All Starz is happy to announce that their full-time team has expanded. At the end of last year, our incredible directors of All Starz, Mitch and Matt, approached me with an opportunity to be part of the All Starz team as ‘Recreation Coordinator and Troupe Assistant’. With over 20 years of teaching and performing experience, another part of my passionate journey is mentoring pre-professional artists ready to launch themselves into the Performing Arts Industry.

As the Recreational Coordinator, I can ensure that each student and their families in every class will receive the same quality and magic All Starz is known for.


The lovely Kylie Woodhams is formally becoming our ‘Reception and Customer Accounts Manager’, and we have a new Ready Set Dance Coordinator, Emma Atkins, who brings with her a mountain of knowledge and passion for this department.

Car Park Reminder

This is a start-of-the-year reminder to always be mindful of the All Starz community when dropping/picking up from the studio. Our priority is to protect all students and ensure all staff can carry out their duties. We take heavy precautions to see the students arriving and leaving our studios to ensure their safety. We ask that you DO NOT block access to the car park by parking across the driveway or exiting your vehicle. This will block access to the building. We rope off access to the car park when necessary, so if you are uncomfortable with making a quick curb stop and letting your child out, please plan to park in one of the neighbouring streets and walk your child into the studio.

When parking on the street, please be mindful and respectful of our neighbours’ driveways. Parking Rangers patrol this area regularly, and fines will be issued if the parking rules are not followed. There is additional parking over the footbridge on Ogilvy Street, but these are timed parking spots and patrolled. Pedestrians should always use the yellow pathway to access the studio when coming in through the carpark. We ask that everyone follows the rules to protect the safety of everyone moving around in the car park and on the street. We thank you in advance for your cooperation with this, as we know you want to ensure safety at All Starz as much as we do.

Autopay and Term Fees 

Term 1 fees will be due on 16 February. 


As per our 2024 Policy, all accounts require a card on file. 

Payments can still be made at reception by cash or card prior to the due date. If your account has been paid before the due date, Auto Pay will not deduct any funds from your nominated card. 


If you have not updated your card details, please log in to your Parent Portal to update your payment method. 

UNIFORM & DANCE SHOES - Available to purchase from All Starz

All students must wear the correct dance clothes and shoes. Students are required to have the official All-Starz uniform within one month of commencing classes. Uniforms not only enhance the student’s sense of importance as a dancer but also empower them that sense of pride and ownership in their dance school and their dancing group.

Important dates

Every year we celebrate what our wonderful students have achieved throughout the year with a dance concert. This concert will be held on 10th November 2024. This date is confirmed and very unlikely to change, so please keep a note of it. More details will be released as we go along through the year.

Facebook Group

If you haven't already, please join the All Starz Recreation Facebook group.. Here, we post lots of on the go updates and important information you will need throughout the year.

We can not wait to see the incredible things we will achieve this year together as a team.

Keep Dancing,

Amy Petsalis 

Recreational Coordinator and Troupe Assistant.

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